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Sue Poss (Rotary E-Club of the Carolinas, SC-USA)

January 29, 2017 / admin / Rotarian Spotlight

As a young newspaper reporter, Sue Poss often covered Rotary meetings to write stories about speakers or special events. At that time, she was usually the only woman in the room, since prior to 1986 Rotary didn’t allow women to join the organization. Nevertheless, she walked away impressed. And soon after a Supreme Court decision requiring clubs to admit females, Sue was invited to visit the Rotary Club of Greenville East (SC-USA) as a potential new member.

“Even though at that time I knew nothing about the Rotary Foundation, Rotary’s work, or anything else that has subsequently become important to me, what I felt that day was the fellowship and friendship among the people present,” said Sue. “That is what I still appreciate about Rotary today, the satisfaction I get from having a diverse group of friends scattered all over the world.”

Fast forward 26 years later, and Sue is a respected Rotarian who has served in numerous leadership roles, including governor of District 7750 in 1999-2000, and has traveled the globe serving humanity. Some of her Rotary friends are in Ghana, where she has visited to see firsthand some of the projects that were supported by her donations to The Rotary Foundation, including a well that provides water to a remote village.

Sue shares her professional expertise in public relations with clubs, districts and zones on a regular basis, and contributes financially to The Rotary Foundation as a way to support local and international projects.

“Anyone who cares about serving others through whatever satisfies them most, and who at the same time wants to build a network of friends around the world or just in their own hometown, should consider joining Rotary,” she said. “Being a Rotarian means that I care about the well-being of others…in Ghana or in Greenville.”

Today, Sue is a member of the E-Club of the Carolinas, proving yet again that this organization that means so much to her has continued to adapt to the ever-changing needs and demographics of the world around it. She can attend meetings online or in any city around the world, and be welcomed by friends and business associates who all share a common cause, to serve humanity.



*Sue produces social media videos and posts for “Rollin With Rotary in Zones 33/34” with her & can be contacted via email


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